When BTS Jungkook dances in the center

original post: theqoo

1. Jungkook is amazing.. When Jungkook dances in the center, all the members look cool, the stage quality goes up, the movements are sharp, powerful, lively and so good

2. Jungkook was born to be an idol center

3. There are other members who dance well in BTS, but Jungkook is the best for the center position

4. Jungkook is a good dancer….. Watching him dance makes me feel happy

5. When Jungkook dances in the center, everything shines

6. He’s really handsome, he’s good at dancing and singing

7. I think Jungkook is the most stable in the centerㅋㅋ

8. When it comes to BTS, I think of the center Jungkook

9. His expression and gaze are good, he dances well

10. He’s the main vocalist, but he dances well and his expressions are good on stage

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