About BTS Jungkook’s vocals

Seriously, his vocals are perfect for the pop genre
He sang Dynamite’s intro and it was so good

His pronunciation in Savage Love was good too
I listened to his recent Coca-Cola ad song and it was daebak

I’m not a fan, I just interested in idols

This is the picture I just saved

This is the proof

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1. [+193, -8] As soon as I listened to the Coca-Cola song, I screamed. He’s so good

2. [+176, -10] Does that voice match that face?? I’m really crazy, Jungkook-ah

3. [+162, -10] You can trust and listen to Jungkook’s vocals. The Coca-Cola ad was crazy, please keep being interested in him~^^

4. [+55, -1] I felt it in Dynamite, but this time I listened to the Coca-Cola song and felt that his voice matches well with pop music. And Jungkook has good English pronunciation. Really amazing

5. [+41, -1] The recording.. Please upload his video recording it. Seriously__ I think Jeon Jungkook singing that kind of rock genre ad song with that voice would be so sexy

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