BTS designed for Louis Vuitton (200th anniversary trunk)

For their 200th anniversary, the luxury brand invited 200 celebrities to participate in the creation of a special trunk by imprinting their own designs. The participating celebrities include Drake, Marc Jacobs, Kim Jones, Samuel Ross, and more. cr






V, Jimin

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1. [+752, -32] I was scrolling down thinking ‘these are cute’ but when I saw Jungkook’s, I immediately paused

2. [+596, -31] Wow Jungkook’s artistic sense is amazing seriously

3. [+504, -30] Wow f*ck, Jungkook’s is so good, I was so shocked

4. [+222, -5] Oh, Jungkook’s could be released as the official MD

5. [+216, -141] By the way, Jungkook was always good at drawing

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