Cha Eunwoo, why did his acting skills improve so dramatically? (‘True Beauty’)

original post: theqoo

1. What?… He doesn’t know how to use his voice and body…

2. To be honest, I don’t think that role is a role that requires a lot of acting skills…. I hope he will pay more attention to his acting skills

3. His acting in True Beauty is fine… I love it!

4. That’s right, his acting skills have improved, but I wish he could practice a lot

5. His acting was better than when he was in Gangnam Beauty, but I never felt that his acting was good

6. Hwang In Yeop’s acting is better than Cha Eunwoo,,,,,

7. If Cha Eunwoo’s acting skills were good, he would have been the top actor with that face… His face is too handsome but his acting skills are bad

8. His acting is fine and suitable for the role

9. 6 years of acting? His acting skills were even worse than I thought

10. He’s not good at acting, but his acting is better than before…

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