Girl groups’ styling

Aren’t TWICE and IZ*ONE’s outfits the prettiest? They have a lot of members but the outfits are all slightly different and are all pretty..

original post: pann

1. [+326, -16] For me, Cosmic Girls’ outfits are f*cking pretty. Since their debut, their styling has never not been pretty…

2. [+237, -3] TWICE only dresses well when their coordi is in a good mood

3. [+154, -14] TWICE always wears pretty and elegant outfits like the daughters of rich families, and IZ*ONE wears outfits like fairies

4. [+110, -10] But IZ*ONE’s coordi seriously dresses them well. The outfits are all different but there’s a unified look to them…

5. [+101, -22] BLACKPINK’s outfits are unique, pretty and luxurious, each has their own individuality