BTS members don’t have personal Instagram accounts

Looks like this fits the group’s identity better…
I can’t even imagine BTS members being famous Instagram stars…

Of course, I’m not saying it doesn’t suit them, but something like Twitter suits them better

original post: pann

1. [+120, -2] I’m not a fan, so I’m curious about it. But if they have personal Instagram accounts and get ads like other celebrities and post pictures, looks like they’ll get a lot of money per picture

2. [+105, -3] They have Weverse and Twitter, so I don’t feel it’s really necessary

3. [+51, -0] But if they have personal SNS, it’s each member’s own SNS, so they can make mistakes and cause controversy. I think it’s better for them to avoid the stress and just focus on group SNS

4. [+37, -1] But honestly, I’m glad they don’t have personal Instagram accounts..

5. [+16, -0] In fact, it’s good that they don’t have personal Instagram accounts… It’s good that the members can focus on themselves in real life

6. [+12, -0] I think there will be many members who won’t join even if they are allowed to have personal Instagram accounts