Chen, Bobby, Chansung… Idols who became fathers before getting married

original post: theqoo

1. They’re not solo singers, and if you’re in a group, please don’t hurt the other members

2. I don’t care about their marriage and pregnancy, but I want them to leave the group, they’re not idols anymore

3. To be honest, if they weren’t idols, they’d be considered good men

4. Only the fans are pitiful

5. They’re not solo singers, they have their members, so at least they shouldn’t cause any harm to their group

6. I just wonder why they don’t use condoms.. They are so thoughtless

7. Honestly, if you want to get married, give up being an idol and do it..

8. They’re not solo singers, what about their group?

9. Congratulations, I hope they’re happy

10. Please stop being an idol and focus on raising your children