Irene in Red Velvet’s comeback teaser released today

original post: instiz

1. She used to look so pretty..

2. Shameless

3. Now she looks scary..

4. I don’t want to spend money on Red Velvet anymore~~

5. She has a pretty face, but seeing her reminds me of her scandal so she looks scary now ㅠㅠ The image of a celebrity is so important

6. I like the Red Velvet members a lot… But I’m disappointed with her

7. I really like the other members of Red Velvet and they’re so sincere to their fans, so I’ll watch them when they make a comeback, but I’m not confident that I can look at Irene’s face…

8. Before, she was the prettiest idol, but I think the image of a celebrity is so important.. She doesn’t look pretty now..

9. Now she doesn’t look pretty and looks scary

10. She apologized, but shouldn’t she retire?

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