Irene’s visuals in her first movie ‘Double Patty’

original post: theqoo

1. I think she doesn’t have the actress vibe. Those expressions show that she’s just an idol…

2. I don’t think she has the acting skills to be an actress

3. I don’t know if she’s pretty or not, I just realized how important the image of celebrities is…

4. She should only be active in Red Velvet.. Please don’t appear in movies or reality shows

5. Pretty, but Irene with her idol makeup looks prettier

6. After taking off her glamor, her face looks more like the idol’s than that of the actress..

7. Something like a villain

8. Her personality makes me dislike her, but she’s not a kid, so I don’t think her personality will change

9. It would have been great if her heart and actions were as beautiful as her face…

10. A flower without scent. A pretty face, but less attractive

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