What the hell is Lia doing?

She’s shooting a reality show…
They’ll also make a comeback soon

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1. [+446, -20] For real, she shouldn’t come out until the investigation is over… They’re only mediaplaying the reinvestigation, but JYP isn’t even doing it. JYP isn’t about personality, they’re just selling their personality

2. [+276, -22] Now that I know her personality, that scene is like she’s pretending

3. [+178, -3] I just wish they would release an official statement soon and the conclusion of their reinvestigation, reveal everything, halt their activities or comeback confidently after it’s all cleared…

4. [+77, -60] Who cares, the other bullies are doing well too

5. [+28, -5] I also don’t want to see Hwang Hyunjin

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