ITZY’s Inkigayo outfits

original post: theqoo

1. Yuna is pretty, but her outfit is ugly

2. Yeji and Yuna’s outfits are so weird

3. Chaeryeong and Ryujin’s outfits are neat and pretty, but Yeji and Yuna’s outfits are weird

4. Yeji’s outfit looks like lingerie… I don’t understand what the hell is their coordi doing?

5. No.. Why do they always experiment with weird outfits on Yeji? I guess their coordi doesn’t like Yeji and Yuna

6. I think the other members will be fine on stage except Yuna

7. Except for that bully, the rest of the outfits are a mess

8. Yeji’s outfit looks like lingerie, and Yuna looks like a mermaid caught in a net

9. Coordi… Why are you doing this to Yeji and Yuna?

10. Do foreign fans like those outfits?