IVE and Everglow with overlapping greeting gestures



original post: theqoo

1. Everglow debuted in 2019, so IVE should change their greeting

2. I wonder why their agency didn’t even know about it

3. Their concept also reminds me of Everglow, but their greeting is just a copy of Everglow..

4. Well.. I don’t know who Everglow is, but their greetings look alike

5. If I were a fan of Everglow, I would feel so bad..

6. The girl group that debuted later should change;

7. I like IVE, but I think IVE should change it..

8. Everglow fans must feel bad

9. This is too much, IVE has to change it

10. Everglow debuted earlier, so of course IVE should change it;