In the future, there may be a trend towards Japanese idols releasing Korean singles/albums



Both groups are under Korean companies (CJ, JYP), so they received Korean songs and released them

Since this year, a lot of Japanese idols working at Korean companies are expected to debut
(Male version of Nizi Project, Male version of Produce Japan season 2, Girl group of Big Hit Japan, etc.)

Just like K-pop idols releasing Japanese singles and albums, it seems that Japanese idols may release Korean singles or albums in the near future…

original post: theqoo

1. If they sing in Korean, it’s okay

2. I think it’s better than Chinese idols releasing singles or albums in Korean

3. Just like Korean singers singing Japanese songs, Japanese singers will sing Korean songs too, but that’s interesting ㅋㅋ

4. But I don’t know if JO1 and Niziu are categorized as J-Pop or K-Pop

5. If they became popular in Korea with Korean songs, would they be popular in other countries as well? The influence of overseas K-Pop fans is huge

6. I can’t understand exactly what they’re singing without the subtitles

7. The reason why Korean idols sing in Japanese is because they are targeting the Japanese market, and it’s no wonder Japanese idols try to conquer foreign markets by applying the K-pop label instead of targeting the Korean market

8. They will try to capitalize on the influence of K-pop overseas

9. If K-Pop is a genre, it doesn’t matter where you are active or what nationality you are, if you sing in Korean, it is K-Pop

10. They know they won’t be as popular in Korea, so it looks like they’re using K-Pop to conquer overseas markets

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