JTBC drama ‘Snowdrop’ teaser (Jung Hae In, Jisoo)

Snowdrop will be aired in December


original post: theqoo

1. Jisoo’s voice isn’t good… So even if the historical issue is resolved, there will be a controversy about her acting…

2. Even if this drama is boycotted in Korea, BLACKPINK fans will take good care of it, foreign fans will curse at Koreans who oppose this drama

3. There was a lot of controversy, I hope the production team changed the script.. I like Jisoo, so please..

4. Just looking at the teaser, I’m already looking forward to it

5. I wonder what the cast thought when they saw the script? Or do they know nothing about history?

6. Jisoo’s voice is so bad…

7. The teaser shows Jisoo’s awkward acting

8. How can you judge Jisoo’s acting just by watching the teaser?

9. In this drama, it’s mysterious that Yoo In Na and Kim Hye Yoon play supporting roles and a female idol plays the lead role..

10. I’m more worried about Jisoo’s acting than anything else.. She will be criticized a lot if her acting isn’t good