Mnet’s ‘Kingdom’ new group photos


Stray Kids



The Boyz


original post: theqoo

1. The Boyz fighting❤️

2. I will support iKON ❤❤

3. BTOB and iKON join Kingdom? Oh my God

4. Hyunjin was removed from Kingdom, what about Yunho?

5. I don’t really care about idols, so I only know BTOB… BTOB fighting

6. I don’t care about anything other than my idols, so I don’t know any of themㅋㅋ…

7. I don’t know anyone but iKON and BTOB, am I old?

8. Why iKON and BTOB join Kingdom???????

9. ATEEZ is so cute

10. The Boyz stands out. They seem to be growing steadily in Korea