Seniority of idol groups in 2022

Male Idols

SHINee, 15th year (debuted in 2008)
EXO, 11th year (debuted in 2012)
BTOB, 11th year (debuted in 2012)
BTS, 10th year (debuted in 2013)
WINNER, 9th year (debuted in 2014)
Seventeen, 8th year (debuted in 2015)
NCT, 7th year (debuted in 2016)
The Boyz, 6th year (debuted in 2017)
TXT, 4th year (debuted in 2019)
Stray Kids, 5th year (debuted in 2018)

Female Idols

Apink, 12th year (debuted in 2011)
Red Velvet, 9th year (debuted in 2014)
Mamamoo, 9th year (debuted in 2014)
Oh My Girl, 8th year (debuted in 2015)
TWICE, 8th year (debuted in 2015)
GFriend, 8th year (debuted in 2015)
BLACKPINK, 7th year (debuted in 2016)
(G)I-DLE, 5th year (debuted in 2018)
ITZY, 4th year (debuted in 2019)
Aespa, 3rd year (debuted in 2020)
STAYC, 3rd year (debuted in 2020)
IVE, 2nd year (debuted in 2021)

original post: pann

1. [+86, -4] It’s a pity for ITZY, the members’ skills and looks are all outstanding, but their position is ambiguous. I feel like ‘DALLA DALLA’ was released not so long ago, I can’t believe they are going into their 4th year…

2. [+70, -3] Apink is in their 12th year, but it’s surprising that they haven’t had any public relationship even onceㅋㅋ

3. [+64, -88] But what’s great about EXO is that it’s not like their peak came late, they got big in 2013.. They’ve always been stable at the first tier from their 2nd to their 10th year now

4. [+50, -5] BTS is a group that’s the most popular, has records and a huge fandom even though they’re in their 10th year, so they’re seriously daebak

5. [+44, -3] BTS is in their 10th year but there is no sign that their peak will end and they are still rising