The new solo video of JYP’s female idol has been released

original post: pann

1. [+27, -9] She sings well too, right? Crazy

2. [+26, -5] I thought she was a visual member, but her dancing skills are daebak..!

3. [+25, -17] Honestly, I’m not sure about her vocals in this video.. The impact of the dance video was too strong, so this video didn’t really attract me

4. [+10, -0] I thought a new member would be revealed, but it turned out to be Yunjin

5. [+9, -2] Honestly, I didn’t expect her to sing well because she dances well and has a pretty face. What if she sings well?… It will be daebak

6. [+7, -1] She sings well, she’s pretty, she dances well and she’s really good at everything, daebak!!