I have collected songs by girl groups that Park Jin Young participated in producing




original post: theqoo

1. TWICE’s songs are all good

2. I think Park Jin Young’s songs are good, but the rap part is really bad

3. I like songs except Signal and Mafia In The Morning… I don’t know NiziU well

4. I don’t know NiziU and everything is good except Mafia In The Morning

5. I like all of TWICE’s songs, every time I listen to Feel Special, I cryㅋㅋㅋ I also like ITZY, but personally, Mafia In The Morning is disappointing..

6. TWICE and NiziU’s songs are so good

7. The first half of ‘Mafia In The Morning’ is a bit like Cardi B’s song, the second half sounds like a trot song and weird… Only ‘Mafia In The Morning’ MV is good, and everything else is weird…

8. TWICE’s What is Love? and Feel Specials are my favorites

9. Park Jin Young’s lyrics are too bad

10. But Mafia In The Morning is stupid… Park Jin Young doesn’t suit ITZY