Did BTS Jungkook really do the ‘under-the-table advertisement’? Fair Trade Commission “It’s difficult to conclude his action as having an intent to deceive”

original post: theqoo

1. This is the dumbest controversy this year

2. I think there are a lot of psychopaths in Korea

3. Fair Trade Commission, don’t waste your time with this stupid controversy!!!!

4. Leave Jungkook alone.. You guys really have nothing to do

5. I’m not even a fan of his, but I feel sorry for him…

6. Jungkook is so popular and has a lot of fans, but he also has a lot of antis

7. Big Hit, please sue those antis ㅠㅠ

8. What is Big Hit doing? The antis are doing it systematically

9. Hey guys, Jungkook didn’t even mention his clothes, and the fans didn’t even care about it… Leave Jungkook alone

10. I guess Jungkook should get naked