The meanings of BTS Jungkook’s tattoos

ARMY = BTS fandom name

Purple Heart (I Purple You) = A word used between BTS and ARMY to indicate trust and love until the end

The shield logo is the official logo of ARMY

0613 = BTS’s debut date 2013. 06. 13

The Korean peninsula tiger

The hanja characters for Hwayang Yeonhwa = The most beautiful moment in life, the name of BTS’ album in 2015-2016

The tattoo on the top of his forearm is a microphone

Jungkook tattooed two phrases in the shape of an X on his sleeve. One line reads, “make hay while the sun shines” and the other, “rather be dead than cool”. Since his debut, his motto has been, “it is better to be dead than to live without passion”.

The tiger lily is Jungkook’s birth flower, as explained on an episode of Run BTS! where they had a floral arrangement session.

The meaning of the tiger lily is “please love me“, inspiring Jungkook to get it together with the flower.

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1. I love Jungkook now, and support Jungkook in the future💜 I wish our precious Jungkook always happy

2. I love Jungkook, I always respect Jungkook’s decision, whether or not he has tattoos, Jungkook is still Jungkook, my favorite idol💜

3. I hope one day Jungkook can explain his tattoos on Vlive

4. Do you know the meaning of his eye tattoo?

5. I personally don’t like tattoos, but it’s his personal preference, and I’m waiting for the day Jungkook explains the meaning of his tattoos..

6. Those tattoos contain all of Jungkook’s identity and living values, so I won’t say anything more

7. Jungkook’s motto is that it’s better to be dead than to live without passion. Jungkook-ah, that’s your life. I support you💜

8. Jungkook’s tattoos are so beautiful, I really like them🥰💜💜

9. Don’t disturb our Jungkook. If you don’t like tattoos, you just need to ignore it!! Jungkook can do everything he wants to do!! I support him 💜💜💜💜💜

10. No matter what he does, he’s still Jeon Jungkook, he’s cool, pretty and adorable

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