Winners of the 36th Golden Disc Awards (IU/BTS Daesang)

Digital Daesang (Song of the Year) – IU’s “Celebrity”
Disc Daesang (Album of the Year) – BTS’s “Be”

Digital Song Bonsang – Aespa’s “Next Level”, AKMU’s “Nakka” with IU, BTS’ “Butter”, Heize’s “Happen”, IU’s “Celebrity”, Lee Mu Jin’s “Traffic Light”, Oh My Girl’s “Dun Dun Dance”, STAYC’s “ASAP”

Album Bonsang – BTS’s ‘Be’, ENHYPEN’s ‘Dimension: Dilemma’, IU’s ‘Lilac’, NCT 127’s ‘Sticker’, NCT Dream’s ‘Hot Sauce’, Seventeen’s ‘Attacca’, Stray Kids’ ‘Noeasy’, TXT’s ‘The Chaos Chapter: Freeze’

Rookie Artist of the Year – Aespa, STAYC

Seezn Most Popular Artist Award – BTS

Artist of the Year – Aespa

Best Group – Brave Girls

Best Performance – Jeon So Mi, The Boyz

Best Solo Artist – Lim Young Woong

Cosmopolitan Artist Award – Aespa, Seventeen

original post: theqoo

1. Congratulations to IU!!!!!! Congratulations to all the other singers tooㅋㅋ

2. Congratulations to BTS

3. Isn’t Artist of the Year a Daesang?

4. Aespa is amazing

5. IU and BTS are legendsㅋㅋ

6. Congratulations, Ji Eun-ah

7. Congratulations to STAYC, let’s do better this year

8. Daebak, BTS won Daesang for 5 years in a row

9. BTS and IU are amazing

10. As expected from BTS and IU