TWICE ‘I CAN’T STOP ME’ #1 Inkigayo encore fancam

original post: theqoo

1. I think Nayeon and Jihyo did well, Tzuyu also sang a lot better…

2. Congratulations to TWICE, I’m not a fan but I’m cheering for them

3. Only Jihyo and Nayeon are good at singing, the rest of the members seem to sing worse than ordinary people….;

4. I love this song so much, they are working hard so I support them

5. But Chaeyoung sings better than I thought

6. Well, Dahyun can’t even sing that easy phrase…

7. Nayeon and Jihyo sing well, Sana also sings well, but Momo and Dahyun really can’t sing

8. Congratulations to TWICE, the members are all pretty and the outfits are pretty

9. I couldn’t hear their voices except for Jihyo and Nayeon

10. This controversy will continue unless TWICE improves their singing skills;;

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