[MAMA] BTS’ Dynamite stage is covered by junior group TXT

original post: theqoo

1. TXT did so well today, the members were all handsome and cute

2. It’s weird that Big Hit let TXT cover Dynamite even though BTS performed the song afterward; I don’t blame TXT, it’s just that Big Hit is weird

3. They did well. I think they practiced a lot and the kids were cute

4. The members are all tall and young, so even if it’s the disco concept, they’re still cute and not oldㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The members all danced well

5. Why are there kids saying they can’t compare with BTS? Of course, since Dynamite is BTS’s own song, BTS will do better. TXT worked hard and renewed themselves in their own way, so they deserve praise

6. Well, TXT is so popular. There are a lot of comments under posts about them

7. They did well~ Is there a rule that covers only old songs? I’m not a fan, but they were cute

8. Who has red hair? He was so good

9. TXT members are good and work hard, but Big Hi is weird

10. The BTS spoon is so good~~~

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