‘NiziU is J-POP, right?’ The Japanese music industry has turned its identity into K-POP

original post: theqoo

1. Isn’t it J-pop?

2. In terms of language, it’s J-pop

3. In terms of language and culture, it is J-POP, but it’s derived from K-POP

4. J-pop, they debuted in Japan and their main stages in Japan

5. K-pop genre

6. J-pop, I don’t think they targeted the Korean market when they debuted

7. Do we need a new definition?? Without K-pop, there’s no NiziU, the foundation is K-pop

8. J-pop but it’s based on K-pop

9. K-pop but they sing in Japanese

10. Seriously NiziU is K-pop and the Korean wave in Japan

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