NCT 127, the reaction exploded with the first North American tour

Netizens talked about NCT 127's North American tour

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1.[+66, -30] Why is SM dreaming of NCT 127 like BTS? Why does an unsuccessful singer in Korea act in the US? When will SM wake up when they dream about 1st place on Billboard?

2. [+31, -4] Nice concert, too. Good tour. Fighting!

3. [+14, -1] It is the first North American tour with a total of 12 nights, and the number of spectators is between 5,000 and 10,000. Tickets are priced at 250,000 won and 100,000 won depending on the seats. What else are you curious about?

4. [+12, -2] Fighting for the remaining concerts of NCT 127!!

5. [+9, -1] It’s their first North American tour, and I’m so proud of you! We’ll continue to walk step by step.

6. [+8, -1] They are doing so well!!! I always support NCT 127.

7. [+22, -16] NCT fans should issue a joint statement. “SM should clearly announce the concert ticket price and the number of seats booked. Don’t take advantage of fans’ loyalty to extortion. For fans, this concert is not a one-off event. This is the most important trip of the season”

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