Red Velvet pull out of the ‘K-Culture Festival’ live fan meeting.. The consequences of Irene’s controversy

According to media outlet reports on October 23, Red Velvet have decided to pull out of upcoming ‘2020 K-Culture Festival’ events.

Red Velvet have been active as the official ambassadors of the ‘2020 K-Culture Festival’ along with Super Junior K.R.Y. The girl group was originally scheduled to hold a live fan meeting this October 24 as official ‘K-Culture Festival’ ambassadors; however, SM Entertainment recently asked the event side to cancel the fan meeting in light of member Irene’s recent controversy. cr

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1. Please save the remaining membersㅠㅠㅜ I’m going crazy, I feel bad for the other members

2. What are the crimes by the other members? Irene should leave Red Velvet

3. Just leave the group, don’t disturb the other members

4. As Wendy recovers, I hope to see Wendy and Seulgi’s unit

5. Should Irene leave the group?

6. If she has a conscience, she should leave the group… What’s wrong with the organizers and other good members?

7. I want Red Velvet to promote as a 4-member group because I really like Red Velvet’s music..

8. I don’t want to see her on TV

9. I feel bad for the other members’ fans

10. Don’t harm the other members, please leave the group

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