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“Jinyoung-hyung nim, I hope you stop writing ITZY songs…they’re tacky.”
“Please take your hands out of ITZY’s songs. The lyrics are so old…”
“Seriously, what were you thinking when you were writing ITZY’s lyrics?”
“Stop writing lyrics.”
“Please give ITZY good songs……”
“Please stop writing lyrics for girl groups, please. Starting last year with the taktaktak ssakssakssak (lyrics from “Not Shy”) you are ruining ITZY’s amazing future. Why are you doing this.”
“Please stop writing ITZY songs. They’re really bad. The lyrics starting from the last album, I have no words.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. The song is good but the lyrics and rap part doesn’t suit the members

2. The lyrics are so bad…. I hope Park Jin Young stops writing lyrics

3. The lyrics are bad.. I don’t think I’ll listen to the song again

4. I like Signal (I’m a muggle…) But this song is really… not that good…

5. But didn’t Park Jin Young write the lyrics for TWICE’s ‘Feel Special’? The lyrics are so good

6. Now I see Signal as a masterpiece

7. The beat is good and lyrics are bad;;; I hope Park Jin Young stops writing ITZY songs…

8. The song is so weird

9. The song is so bad ㅠㅠㅠ Don’t waste the members’ talents

10. The concept is good, but the lyrics are a bit bad…

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