‘Burning Sun’ Seungri will also make a comeback with BIGBANG?… Official profile picture appears

On April 25th, the group’s official Facebook page updated its profile picture with all 5 members, including Seungri, who previously left the group following the series of scandals.

original post: instiz

1. ? Even if they don’t do it, I will boycott them, but thanks to it, I have a greater motivation. Thank you ^^

2. Well, BIGBANG hasn’t disbanded yet?

3. ??? Didn’t Seungri leave the group…????

4. Please don’t ruin all my good memories

5. ? Is this the latest article? Do they think the public is stupid?

6. Crazy, he’s just a criminal..

7. Has he not retired yet?

8. Good-bye..

9. Shameless

10. Wow, YG is disgusting

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