[34th Golden Disc Awards] BTS wins Digital Daesang for the first time … Most of judges’ votes

Netizens were gone mad because the Golden Disc Awards nominated IZ*ONE and X1 but didn't include them for the judging category

‘Boy With Luv’ by BTS was the song chosen to win the Song of the Year Daesang by the expert panel of the 34th Golden Disc Awards, receiving a score of 97.9 out of 100. 25 out of 50 experts chose ‘Boy With Luv’ as the Song of the Year Daesang.

GDA expert said, “BTS was an icon for 2019. When reviewing comprehensively factors such as music performance and impact, it’s appropriate to give them the music award.”

Officials from 3 major music distributors also agreed that BTS deserved to win the award with no question.

X1 and IZ*ONE, who were originally nominated for the candidates, were excluded from the results of the judges. The reason is because it’s not right to judge groups that aren’t properly formed when the ‘Produce’ series is indicted.

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1. [+1045, -75] There’s nothing wrong with X1 and IZONE. The court said they were the victims, why couldn’t they be judged? All the wrong people were arrested, but why should the victim continue to suffer? The kids got scores from their own efforts, but why couldn’t they be judged?

2. [+845, -34] This is too much. Then you shouldn’t have included them iin the list of candidates. Why did you put X1 and IZONE on the list? You should have done it if you wanted to exclude them.

3. [+724, -31] Are their sales records made by CJ? It’s made by X1’s hard work and fans. CJ recently said that singers are victims, why did you treat them like this? I can’t believe it. I’m disappointed with Golden Disc. If you’re going to cut them off without giving them an award, Why did you put X1 and IZONE on the list of candidates? Didn’t you just take advantage of them?

4. [+676, -23] Well, if you excluded them from the judging category, you shouldn’t have nominated them from the beginning. Make the fans look forward to it.

5. [+612, -22] Why did you include them in the candidate video, legally?

6. [+299, -9] Police, prosecutors and even suspects say all the trainees, including the debut group, are the victims, but Golden Disc judges eliminated them… Are they judges?..ㅋㅋㅋ You shouldn’t have included them in the list of candidates from the beginning.

7. [+292, -9] What? If you were going to eliminate them, you shouldn’t have put them in the candidate from the beginningㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ X1 and IZONE did nothing wrong, so why did you exclude them?

8. [+239, -7] What the hell are you talking about?… Why should X1 and IZONE be treated like such criminals?

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