BLACKPINK Jisoo “Beauty doesn’t belong to this world”

Netizens were shocked by BLACKPINK Jisoo's visuals recently

BLACKPINK Jisoo appears at Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of May 10. She exudes perfect beauty like not belonging to this world.

original post: naver

1.[+322, -30] That beauty doesn’t belong to this world.

2. [+206, -12] I think she is the prettiest. That’s great.

3. [+113, -3] Jisoo, you’re beautiful today.

4. [+88, -6] Thank you for working hard in the past month. Take a rest this week and cheer up on your tour of Australia.

5. [+82, -5] Thank you for working hard

6. [+34, -2] Jisoo, you are so pretty.

7. [+28, -1] I came here as soon as I saw her thumbnail. She is so pretty

8. [+28, -2] Jisoo is love.

9. [+28, -3] I’ve been looking at Naver Main, and there’s someone who stands out, and the BLACKPINK Jisoo … You’re a real beauty.

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