BTS effect, the Korean wave (Hallyu) in 2018 exported 11,442 billion won … up 9.1%

Netizens were shocked by the influence of BTS on the Korean economy

According to KCIA’s report of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the total export value of the Korean Wave last year was about 9.48 billion dollars (about 11.4 trillion won). 9.1 percent increase over the previous year.

Netizens were shocked by the influence of BTS on the Korean economy

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1.[+293, -7] Of course, the achievements of BTS for our country are greater than anyone else’s.

2. [+254, -2] BTS is great. Cool! I envy you as an older generation. The K-pop culture industry, including the game leading the Korean Wave, is all cool.

3. [+161, -6] I want BTS to be exempt from military service.

4. [+146, -0] Should we let BTS enlist? Look at objectively. This is a very important time for them to carry out activities abroad. They not only make money, they are actually doing things that diplomats and presidents cannot do. We don’t miss a good chance!!

5. [+35, -0] Honestly, I don’t want to send BTS to the army.

6. [+33, -0] The Korea Customs Service’s engineering office has raised exports thanks to bulletproofing, and there is an article that says 7% of all tourists come to Korea because of BTS. Sometimes I read comments comparing BTS with Samsung. And BTS not only has economic impact, but also culture, and the impact and value of it is not possible to pour money into it.

7. [+32, -0] Please give BTS a military exemption. They are representatives of the nation.

8. [+27, -0] That’s enough to discuss the military exemption. The impact of BTS on economic efficiency that even large national corporations cann’t do. Given the current economic difficulties in Korea, it is also a national loss that sales and profits are cut off. BTS is not just a singer or Korean wave, but the fact that as a country’s economic, cultural, or cultural asset, it is the fact that we have to look at it now.

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