“Big Bang talent than BTS” … New York ‘Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong’ restaurant criticised

New York restaurant owner criticized for filming BTS and declaring Big Bang more talented than BTS

When BTS went to New York, they went to eat at Korea’s famous barbecue restaurant chain, Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong and were unknowingly videoed by co-owner Bobby Kwak while they were eating.

He was criticized for violating BTS‘s privacy.

New York restaurant owner criticized for filming BTS and declaring Big Bang more talented than BTS

“Maybe I’m just being too harsh or maybe it’s way past their time but I feel like Big Bang had more talent than BTS. Kinda like Jordan vs. Lebron debate but I will admit they are slowly growing on me.”

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1.[+1039, -3] Bobby Kwak… I can’t believe the restaurant co-owner committed such a shameless crime against a client. It was a crime when he posted a video on the Internet. A matter to be reported to the New York Police.

2. [+854, -3] They are singers who are a guest at his restaurant. What is he doing?

3. [+616, -14] Is this guy crazy? What is he doing with singers who will increase his restaurant sales? Why are you comparing with Big Bang? It’s really embarrassing.

4. [+573, -1] Bad personality, bad brain and … total difficulty. Kicking away the golden opportunity of promoting a restaurant.

5. [+582, -22] I’m laughing out loud when he compares Big Bang to Michael Jordan.

6. [+297, -2] Don’t mention BTS, but please bring your favorite Seungri to promote your restaurant.

7. [+168, -5] I laughed when he compared a group of criminals to the legendary group. Big Bang should fix their character before comparing.

8. [+148, -0] I don’t care who you like. I don’t think singing and dancing are all about idols, BTS members love each other, impressing fans with profound messages that lead and comfort their lives to affirm and try to live like that.

9. [+132, -0] Fans want to take pictures and get autographs. I’m trying to hold back and respect the BTS members’ personal time. Did you take a video and post it on Instagram? And you’re comparing it? Are you crazy?

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