No. 1 year-end stage, where there are many divided opinions among BTS fans


original post: theqoo

1. I can’t choose, I just admire BTS

2. I love both stages, how can you choose?

3. I can’t choose. When I first saw them, I thought my heart stopped beating

4. The IDOL stage was legendary. I actually held my breath while watching it…

5. MIC Drop, whenever I watch the MIC Drop stage, I shiver and I can’t take my eyes off them..

6. The MIC Drop stage was perfect from start to finish

7. These two stages are also famous among the muggles. Both are great, but IDOL’s intro has a lot of impact..

8. It’s hard to choose, both stages gave me goosebumps

9. For me it’s the IDOL stage

10. The IDOL stage was too classy

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