Nominations for best female artist at MAMA 2021 are fierce competition

Taeyeon – Weekend, etc.

IU – LILAC, etc.

Heize – HAPPEN, etc.

Lisa – LALISA, etc.

Rosé – On The Ground, etc.

original post: theqoo

1. It’s just a competition between IU, Rosé and Lisa, right?

2. Isn’t IU overwhelming? What is fierce?

3. They should write IU’s name on the trophy now

4. If IU wins Daesang, they’ll give it to another singer

5. MAMA loves making money from foreign fans so I think it’s Lisa

6. Anyway, the winner is IU

7. Honestly, it would be weird if IU didn’t get it

8. I don’t think MAMA will give IU a high score.. Rosé and Lisa sold a lot of albums, so I’m not sure who will get it

9. The winner will be Lisa or IU

10. IU is amazing.. She will get it