North Korea says “BTS and BLACKPINK are being treated like slaves”

North Korean media revealed BTS and BLACKPINK are treated like slaves.

Arirang Meari released a report on famous South Korean singers and idol stars being treated like slaves by their companies. The media outlet stated, “Recently, famous young singers in South Korea have been forced into miserable lives by large companies. Singers like BTS and BLACKPINK sign exclusive contracts with large entertainment companies such as SM Entertainment at a young age, like in elementary or middle school, and receive training to become a singer.”

It was also alleged idol stars are stopped from leaving their dormitories and can only sleep 2-3 hours a day. Arirang Meari continued, “Many female singers who suffer humiliation and insults under the harsh training process are also forced to cater sexually to politicians and businessmen. Many young singers suffer huge mental duress and live akin to being in a prison without bars even taking their own lives while leaving a will testifying to how suffocating life is.”

The media outlet further stated these allegations are well-documented by South Korean and Western media outlets as well. The reports come in the midst of the burgeoning popularity of South Korea K-pop among North Korean youth. cr

original post: theqoo

1. They know BTS and BLACKPINK? Did they see them on YouTube?

2. I also want to be a slave, I want to buy an apartment in Hannam The Hill with cash

3. Well, BTS and BLACKPINK are also popular in North Korea

4. North Korea is also jealous when Korea has BTS and BLACKPINKㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. I also want to be a slave who earns a lot of money…

6. BTS and BLACKPINK are slaves, They are slaves of love from fans all over the world❤❤

7. I want to live a miserable slave life like BTS and BLACKPINK….

8. BTS and BLACKPINK seem to be popular in North Korea these days

9. Hello,,, I’m a fan of slaves,,,

10. K-Pop is also so popular in North Korea

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