[1st Look] Oh My Girl Arin reinterprets Suzy’s legendary Hanbok pictorial

Suzy’s legendary Hanbok pictorial

original post: theqoo

1. Arin looks so pretty in Hanbok

2. I think Arin looks fresh and cute and Suzy looks elegant

3. It’s not that Arin took these photos to beat Suzy, the concept of the photos is homage, but after all, Suzy is prettier

4. Looks like Arin can’t use her expressions, can’t use her body

5. Arin is so pretty, and she’s paying homage to Suzy, so stop comparing

6. Arin is a huge fan of Suzy.. Why are the comments so annoying?

7. I used to think they looked alike, but looking at them this way, they look different

8. Arin also suits Hanbok and she’s so pretty, but the comments are bad

9. The two of them are so pretty at first, so why compare?

10. Arin is so pretty too, I wish she had a hanbok like Suzy

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