WM Entertainment’s statement regarding Oh My Girl’s Seunghee

On March 8 KST, the agency took to its official fan cafe to not only announce that rapper Tank’s new song “Suni” was about Seunghee, but that the idol was deeply hurt by the baseless claims in the lyrics, adding that she is being harassed by the rapper.

Not only does the song feature lyrics that depict Seunghee as someone who deceives her fans and cheats on her boyfriends, but the art for the single allegedly also features the idol’s blacked out face.

According to the agency, Seunghee and Tank are not only have a senior-junior relationship in the music world, but also attended Korean Arts High School together. The agency made six clarification in their statement, which can be read below:

“1. On December 7 of last year, Tank sent messages to Seunghee and his other former classmates claiming that he was going to commit suicide in a few minutes. The contents of the texts also included a suicide note and a message that said he had a knife on his desk. Because the rapper usually exhibited an unstable mental state, she took it as a signal that he was going to attempt suicide, so with the intention of saving a life, she called an older female acquaintance who was working with him on music and explained the situation. The acquaintance immediately reported the situation to the police.

2. The two both went to the scene, and as Seunghee was concerned that Tank might try to attempt suicide again, she offered him some encouragement with the intention to show him that he is someone who can be loved enough by anyone. This was Seunghee’s pure effort to stop another suicide attempt.

3. In the wake of this incident, Tank began becoming overly obsessed by sending her his psychiatric and medical records on the grounds that he was saved from death. He psychlogically pressured Seunghee by saying that the psychiatrist at the hospital where he is receiving treatment said Seunghee is medicine to him and that the doctor said to tell her she needs to stay by his side and help him so that he can get better. He also gave the word ‘love’ a different kind of excessive meaning than it’s real one, sending obsessive messages and bringing it to a one-sided courtship situation.

4. When his feelings were not reciprocated, Tank caused panic by sending a threatening message through the media that said he would soon commit suicide and the whole world would remember Seunghee forever.

5. As a result, since December 7, Seunghee has complained of a panic disorder so serious that she cannot handle her schedule normally due to the severe mental pain and anxiety, and even though Tank is a school and industry senior, she has cut off contact with him, deciding that they cannot keep in touch any longer.

6. Since then, Tank has posted videos and photos of obvious false claims distorting the truth through his social media and YouTube channel.

In addition, he was found to have not only been harassing Seunghee but also his acquaintances and other artists by sending videos and messages suggesting suicide attempts and complaining of mental distress.”

The agency ended their statement by announcing that they will be pursuing legal action without any agreement or leniency due to the dissemination of false information, intimidation, and violation of the artist’s personal rights. cr

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1. He’s disgustingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. Oh… I hate it.. Why is he harassing someone who has helped him in good faith?

3. Poor Seunghee….

4. He should be grateful that Seunghee helped him. Why is he bothering her? I guess he’s psychoticㅠㅠㅠ

5. Please protect our Seunghee ((((Seunghee))))

6. Seunghee is a kind kid, don’t touch her

7. Seunghee-ah, everyone in the world is on your side, don’t be afraid

8. Seunghee must be scared.. Please protect her

9. Seunghee is a good person, that ba$tard should be punished

10. I got goosebumps.. Poor Seunghee

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