Ok Taecyeon Is The Real Deal

Even as a guy, I find this hyung so cool
He hasn’t shown everything yet
He denied his permanent resident card
He also got operated twice on the disc
But he was still admitted into active duty in the army
He also wounded his arm during his Japanese concert
But he still answered the public’s call
And went to serve the active duty

Is this something that you’ll be able to do?
He has really not much reason for doing it
But he’s doing what’s right to do in Korea because he’s earning money here

Ok Taecyeon Is The Real Deal

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1.[+494, -11] On one end, it’s an unfortunate reality, but the country would’ve never let him go if he refused. It’s true that if he served in public service, he would’ve gotten sworn at until the end of his life

2. [+287, -9] He should be this generation’s representative of man

3. [+242, -41] I agree, I hope 2PM’s kids do well…ㅠㅠ

4. [+102, -3] This is the proof that JYP artists’ private lives are clean.. Park Jinyoung really has an eye for things like that, and they’re not involved at all in this controversy

5. [+83, -1] He’s in the same division as my dongsaeng~ He said that every time he sees him, he looks super cool and he has a kind personality,,, I hope Ok Taecyeon will be happy~

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