Older people ‘BTS has a good influence on young people’

Older people 'BTS has a good influence on young people'

Older people assess that BTS has a positive impact on young people.

According to a survey conducted by Embrain Trend Monitor, a market research company, in a survey of BTS over 1,000 people between the ages of 16 and 64, 64.2% of respondents said that BTS has a positive influence on young people. By age, 78.3% of those in their 60s agreed, followed by 77.4% of those in their 50s, 70% in their 40s, 64.5% in their 30s, 50.5% in their 20s and 38.2% from teenagers.

The reason for the attraction of BTS is the efforts to strive (57.5%) even when the popularity is high. Dance and performance (47.3%) and music skills (37.2%) ranked second and third respectively. 33.9% said that they were modest even when popular and 31.0% said that their behavior was always standard.

Music of BTS: Music addictive (47.7%), BTS music has comforted the younger generation (25.0%), the spirit of the era (25.0%) and meaningful message ( 23.0%).

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1. [+429, -3] These days, I’m so happy because of BTS. I happened to fall in love with BTS after watching their stage on TV.

2. [+310, -2] That’s cool ~~ It’s raining today. We had a hard time to have a concert. We are also grateful to Big Hit for creating BTS. They are great artists.

3. [+185, -2] I hope BTS will always be loved by different age groups and stay healthy for a long time. Do anything about the music you want and be happy. Each album contains a lot of good songs that are worth 100% !! Great, BTS.

4. [+173, -1] Knowing the good influence of BTS of all ages in the world demonstrates once again how great BTS capabilities are.

5. [+111, -1] BTS and ARMY are great

6. [+28, -0] Honestly, ARMY is the best fandom … Based on the size of fandom, Industry says that the scale of BTS fandom is the combined size of the 3 fandoms of 3 boy bands (Korea only). There are many ARMY who are good and have quiet personalities. All the ARMYs that I met at the bookstore, the concert, are very beautiful. They helped me and shared with me. They give me advice. Anyway, I think ARMY is a good fandom.

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