One of the celebrities who will be mentioned a lot later as a top star


With the great success of “Good Day” 2010, IU became famous
After that, she constantly has popular songs like ‘Friday’ 2014, ‘Night Through’ 2017

IU’s fashion in ‘YOU & I’ catches everyone’s attention, and in ‘Hyori’s Homestay’ IU with her purple coat shows close, lovely.

There was a lot of skepticism about IU’s acting before
After that, IU was praised for her acting in ‘My Mister’, and succeeded as an actress with ‘Hotel Del Luna’.

Of course, IU also faces some difficulties and ups and downs
But overall, based on current standards, she is the top star
She has consistently maintained her popularity since 2010, something few celebrities can do.

original post: theqoo

1. Indisputable

2. She is already the top star since Good Day

3. As a singer, she is a top singer and she is also recognized as an actress.

4. It’s great when IU holds all the public fandoms without any ups and downs.

5. IU is legendary!!

6. This time her acting is perfect in ‘Hotel Del Luna’

7. IU has everything, talents, good personalities, looks and even public fandom

8. Singing, entertainment show, acting, composing, she’s good at everything

9. Honestly, she’s the current top celebrity

10. This is really irrefutable

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