One of the factors of BLACKPINK’s success that music critic Kim Young Dae thinks…

Music critic Kim Young Dae explained that it is BLACKPINK’s image that has helped the girl group to get to the top. He further elaborated by saying, “They have powerful swag and an extravagant, luxurious image. These are the things that brought the girls to become a sort of a role model for K-Pop fans regardless of the country or background.”

He further explained, “BLACKPINK clearly expressed this and depicted this aspect since their debut. Not only in music but in fashion and visuals as well. The girl group has used the added values that came from those aspects as the group’s identity. They strengthened their luxurious image by collaborating with famous fashion brands. This gave birth to the BLACKPINK we know – the most luxurious and fashionable image.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. I agree with him

2. Good songs, beautiful choreography, beautiful looks and perfect image, so it will be a big hit

3. But first of all, the members have good skills. They sing, rap, dance and live well…

4. BLACKPINK is a perfect group in every way

5. He’s right, BLACKPINK has a very classy image for meㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. I think YG is good with that stuff

7. Plus, synergy is promoted because their skills are good. If they didn’t have the skills, they would never be as successful as they are now

8. The artist’s image is so important, BLACKPINK has been so good at building up their image since their debut

9. Yes, they really do have that wannabe image that everyone wants to be like

10. To be honest, BLACKPINK is unique. I don’t think there will be another group like BLACKPINK in the future

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