P-Nation’s youngest trainee who makes people say “Is he really going to debut?”

Tanaka Koki, 13 years old

Anyway, there is a lot of concern that if they debut with a 13 year old kid, there will be many restrictions on their activities

original post: theqoo

1. He’s too young to debut..? This will be a nuisance even to the other members

2. He’s still so young, their activities will be limited

3. Does he feel too different from the rest of the members? He’s just a kid…

4. What are his skills?

5. The other members almost have to take care of him

6. If he debuts now, his contract will be renewed when he turns 20.. This is crazy..

7. Isn’t the idol life too harsh for a 13 year old kid…?

8. But I’m curious, if he’s 13 years old, he hasn’t even graduated from elementary school? He’s even a foreigner, how will he go to school?

9. But the difference seems too big…

10. 13 years old?? No, but can he keep up with the idol’s schedule?