‘Parasite’ Bong Joon Ho → Kwak Sin Ae, 4 wins at 92nd Academy Awards

The 92nd Academy Awards took place in Los Angeles on February 9 (local time) and Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite” is coming home with four historic wins.

Of the six nominations, “Parasite” walked home with four, Original Screenplay, International Feature Film, Directing, and most notably, Best Picture, the highest accolade of the night. This is the first time in the history of the Academy Awards since the awards ceremony began 92 years ago that a non-English language film has won Best Picture. cr

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1. [+4469, -14] For the first time in Oscar history, a foreign language film has won an Oscar for Best Picture… A historical day.

2. [+2601, -15] It’s so great that It’s not realistic…

3. [+1305, -8] The moment Parasite won, I got goosebumps! I’m so proud of having won four awards, including the Academy Awards for Best Picture, Directing, International Feature Film and Original Screenplay. Director Bong Joon Ho was amazingㅋㅋ

4. [+596, -14] Wow, seriously, I’m so proud of director Bong Joon Ho.

5. [+756, -233] Japan has never won an Academy Awardㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+282, -6] In this small country, movies, music, football, baseball, I’m so proudㄷㄷ

7. [+217, -1] Parasite is the best.. Daebak

8. [+159, -3] Isn’t it amazing that there are directors and actors like that in this small country?

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