Park Bo Gum’s side “Rumors related to Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo divorce, legal action”

original post: naver

1.[+4703, -457] What kind of person is Song Hye Kyo?

2. [+3302, -273] It’s faster for Song Joong Ki to come out.

3. [+2670, -250] I don’t trust Park Bo Gum to do that with his brother’s wife. I want you to sue those who spread rumors.

4. [+1611, -50] If it’s not true, Song Joong Ki will be upset because his close brother was caught up in his divorce.

5. [+992, -175] But it’s the same company. You can’t explain it.

6. [+810, -84] Song Joong Ki expressed his position through a private lawyer, not his agency. Why? The agency… They say no. Why not? Because there’s someone there. I think Song Joong Ki is already talking about this. Defamation is not about whether a person is guilty of false information, but it is about whether or not his reputation is damaged. Hard-line, legal-action… does anyone still believe it has nothing to do with everything?

7. [+794, -117] I still remember the scene where Song Joong Ki cried happily as if his real brother had won the prize. Such a person is worse than a dog pig.

8. [+891, -298] No matter how good you are, believing in pseudo-religion itself might have some kind of abnormal thought. So I don’t have much trust.

9. [+604, -26] There’s no need to complicate things, just Song Joong Ki said, “Mr. Park Bo Gum is not related to everything.” Is that a good idea?