“I want 2NE1 to reunite”… Park Bom’s heart and tears on ‘King of Mask Singer’

Park Bom wants 2NE1 to get back together

Park Bom said, “I meet up with the other members quite often. I’d like for us to have a reunion if we get the chance.”

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1. [+2572, -205] It was because of her scandal, not any of the other members. I wonder what’s going on in her mind when she says stuff like this. It’s a shame that the other members are so good.

2. [+1164, -72] You’re the one who ruined 2NE1 with your drug scandalㅋㅋ Are you still affected by drug?ㅋㅋ

3. [+761, -93] Wasn’t 2NE1 disbanded because of your drug scandal?

4. [+1164, -72] But you do a lot of broadcasts… Do you feel sorry for the other members?

5. [+468, -120] Why the junkie?

6. [+161, -7] I really don’t want to see this girl or Yang Hyun Suk. Where there are children who dream of being idols, but drug use, sexual favors in the company… Honestly, should Yang Hyun Suk retire from the industry? I think it’s a real social evil. What would the growing children learn from?

7. [+104, -26] The drugstore was wrong at that time. They should’ve just been honest about the whole thing but they lost everything trying to protect GD. GD at the time was using drugs while Park Bom was carrying a legal drug in the United States that was considered an illegal drug in Korea and was arrested at the airport for it. Of course, it’s illegal, but it’s a different story. YG was too busy to cover up GD that they couldn’t really handle Park Bom’s well.

8. [+76, -10] It’s funny that the person who ruined the group told me that.

9. [+75, -35] 2NE1 wasn’t disbanded because of Park Bom. I know there were many reasons. Don’t blame someone for anything you’re not sure about. It’s been a while since everyone asked her not to be a celebrity…… You should swear at politicians instead of her.

10. [+37, -7] She didn’t know it was because of her?

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