Park Bom who lost 11 kg thanks to her diet recently…

“Last year at the Grand Bell Awards, I was like this…
I was shocked, and went on a diet and I lost 11kg (24 pounds) to go from 70kg (154 pounds) to 59kg (130 pounds)!
Because of the medication I had to take to treat my ADD, it was really hard to diet, but it feels so nice to lose it ^^
I’ve lose a lot of weight, and am using less medications, and feel healthier~
I won’t go back to that version of myself!
Also, please look forward to my comeback!” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Daebak

2. Juvis again (The Juvis diet, famous for being the company behind celebrity diets such as Shindong, Huh Gak, and Sam Hammington)

3. After all, you have to lose weight

4. Diet is really plastic surgery

5. Well, it’s really hard to lose weight while taking the pill, but it’s amazing. I’m looking forward to her new song

6. Wow, but Park Bom’s legs are still pretty even when her weight is 70 kg… I’m jealous of her..

7. If she changes her makeup style, she gets prettier

8. Be healthy..ㅠ

9. Wow, she’s so pretty

10. Is Park Bom tall?? Her limbs are so small

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