‘Park Ji Hoon Forest’ in Seoul has been completed “Now just go on the flower path”

Park Ji Hoon has his own forest in Seoul

Park Ji Hoon has his own forest in the Seongdong District of Seoul!

On July 19, reports revealed the former Wanna One member’s 150 square meter “forest” was completed on the 18th with donations from fans.

A caretaker of the ‘Park Ji Hoon Forest‘ stated, “It’s a noted attraction in the middle of the park around a lotus pond.”

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1. [+734, -15] Wow, that’s a good idea for Park Ji-hoon, the ambassador of the Ministry of Environment for climate change. It’s great when it comes from fans’ contributions. I want to go there. Let’s cheer for Park Ji Hoon Forest to become a more wonderful forest!

2. [+546, -10] Wow, I want to go to Park Ji Hoon forest.

3. [+471, -8] Park Ji Hoon fans planted trees and donated money to save our planet. Awesome.

4. [+405, -10] If I go to Seoul, I will go there. I hope everyone makes good memories in Park Ji Hoon forest!!

5. [+384, -6] Park Ji Hoon and Park Ji Hoon’s fans are amazing too. I hope he always walks on the flower path!

6. [+57, -0] Awesome. Jihoon, let’s be happy to see only good things.

7. [+32, -1] I love Park Ji Hoon forest.

8. [+26, -1] It’s Park Ji Hoon. Let’s just go on the flower path!

9. [+23, -0] The forest is pretty and cute like Jihoon.

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