Park Jihoon sold out 82,1xx physical albums on the first day of release

(per March 27, 2019. 8PM)


The sales record of solo albums so far

  1. Lay’s Lose Control -> 125,8**
  2. Hwang Chiyeol’s Be Myself -> 109,4**
  3. Hwang Chiyeol’s Be Ordinary -> 103,7**
  4. Hwang Chiyeol’s The Four Seasons -> 102,8**
  5. Taeyeon’s My Voice -> 86,9**
  6. Taemin’s WANT -> 85,0**
  7. Taemin’s Press It -> 72,5**
  8. Ha Sungwoon’s My Moment -> 68,5**
  9. GDragon’s One of A Kind -> 68,4**
  10. Kim Hyunjoong’s Lucky -> 64,5**

His M/V has reached over 4M views by now

original post: theqoo

1.Whoa, let’s go for a new record!

2. Huk.. That’s amazingㅠㅠ Anyway, look at how Taeyeon is the only female singer in the list. She’s amazingㄷㄷ

3. First day..? He sold out 80,000 physical albums in just a day? Wow..~~

4. I’ve watched the M/V and I love it.. It looks gorgeous..

5. I had no idea he was this famous.. I underestimated him..

6. He already sold out 80,000 physical albums just on the first day of the releaseㅋㅋ He’s amazing..ㅋㅋ

7. Park Jihoon is amazing!!

8. Park Jihoon is so amazing, and so are his fans..

9. I can’t believe he sold more than 80,000 physical albums on the first day of the release.. I’m looking forward to the total of physical albums he’s going to sell now..

10. Let’s go for 100K!!

11. Congratulations, Park Jihoon! Let’s rise even higher now!

12. Whoa.. That’s a lot..

13. Whoa, I heard he doesn’t even have any plans to perform in music shows.. He’s amazing..

14. 80,000 physical albums.. And on top of that, on the first day of the release..

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