“They grew a lot”… Park Jimin, responds to hate comments s*xually harassing her with a drawing of her breasts

Park Jimin uploaded some photos on January 12th with the caption: “Don’t care what shape, just love the way u are”.

However, she, unfortunately, had to deal with some sexually harassing messages on her pictures, such as: “XX you grew a lot”. Although she responded back sharply, saying “shut up you b*** *” the commenter messaged back saying “no you shut up you b ****.”

Park Jimin uploaded the messages to her Instagram stories, stating: “Now that I replied to you a couple of times do I seem like your friend? Get a grip. If you’re older than me, then there really is no answer for you. And if you’re younger than me, I think you’re the one who needs to grow. It was hard interacting with you. F*** off.”

Park Jimin additionally added: “I will report any of you who compare me to fruit or ask me to ‘do it’ with them. With one picture, I get all sorts of DM’s asking if I got breast surgery (which I didn’t) and sexually harassing me.” cr

original post: naver

1. [+8363, -3746] But why do women post pictures on Instagram with their breasts?

2. [+3014, -161] Don’t go easy on them!! This is really bad

3. [+2626, -100] How many comments did she had to respond like this? Seeing Taeyeon’s hate comments even almost made me go crazy. Don’t view her weirdly for acting like this.

4. [+4041, -2210] I don’t want to pay attentionㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But why did she show off her lower body???

5. [+1492, -89] Haters should seriously get in their right minds….

6. [+1164, -256] No but why didn’t she wear clothes while holding the drawing? Why did she have to take off her top and stay in her panties to pose for the picture?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It seems she doesn’t hate it that much

7. [+878, -88] As someone who liked Park Jimin… I hope she didn’t post pictures like this. She’s sure she will get bad reactions. Why did she have to deal with it like this?… What a shame

8. [+810, -66] If she posts a picture like that, of course, it’s hard to get a good response. I don’t understand why she posted it when she knew there would be responses she didn’t want to hear. If it’s s*xual harassment, I can understand that she’s reporting malicious comments, but I’m sure there’s a negative view and it’s not unexpected. I don’t know why she’s making such a controversial issue. Besides, I’m so curious about the level of s*xual harassment comments that she has to respond to haters. It’s just sad.

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