Park Yoochun arrived at Police station

Park Yoochun arrived at Police station to receive an investigation

Park Yoochun is arrived at Police Station in for getting questioning by police on April 17 morning.

Police conducted a drug reaction test with Park Yoochun’s hair and urine. Results will be published in about three weeks.

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1.[+1223, -39] Why are you look so old..

2. [+712, -48] He looks like that because he doesn’t wear makeup…ㅎㄷㄷ~

3. [+614, -33] Who knows that TVXQ’s Yoochun will be like this?

4. [+595, -20] So what about Seungri ????

5. [+269, -17] He was once a wealthy and honorable idol when he was young

6. [+234, -45] I don’t think this is true. He looks honest

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